Keeping the I-Word

Brief rant…

On O’Reilly last night, the Talking Points memo included a video (“Drop the I-Word”) urging people not to use the term “illegal immigrant” anymore. According to the voiceover,

“Calling a person illegal takes away their humanity.”

Baloney! No one’s questioning their humanity! That claim is victicrat-speak.

“It’s racially-charged, legally inaccurate, and morally wrong.”

False on all three charges!

Some professor in the video explains that,

“‘Illegal’ functions like a racial epithet. It’s a way of legitimizing violence against a particular group of people because of what they are. That’s the definition of a ‘hate crime’.”

raid of illegal immigrants

U.S. Marshals supervising illegal immigrants caught in a raid

Granted, some idiots looking to vent their frustration may use this whole issue as a reason for vandalization or giving some poor guy a beating. But, it’s no excuse for such a thing, and the majority of people know this. Besides that, the only real “violence” being committed is the rounding up of those who entered the U.S. illegally — most of whom, but not all, are Hispanic –, detaining and deporting them.

I feel no particular hostility toward those who are looking to support their families and think they have better prospects in the U.S. In fact, I’m proud that the U.S. is often thought of as the “land of opportunity”. But, there are valid reasons why laws are put in place — and should be enforced — to “vet”, monitor, & control the influx of new residents. And I feel no obligation to make illegal aliens feel better by calling them something more politically-correct, like “undocumented worker.”

To any non-koolaid-drinking, rationally-minded person, the word “illegal” is perfectly valid in context. It describes what certain people are, because of what they have done. Namely, they… broke… the law! Or, if you prefer, ellos… violaron… la ley! Specifically, the ones that give non-citizens the privilege of residing in the United States. If you don’t follow the rules but come over anyway, that makes you ILLEGAL!

Is that really so hard to understand?


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