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There aren’t many, but I do on occasion let someone else play in my sandbox. So, in case you’re curious, here is a list of the brave and honored few….


By Todd Fichter:

3/28/2010    On a Need-to-Know Basis: Common Sense on the Census

6/17/2011    “NPR’s Mara Liasson Is a Racist Prostitute”

By Jamie Davis:

5/12/2010    Was Jesus a Sword Toting Conspiracy Theorist?

By Jay Moore:

8/6/2011    Sacrifice and the Return on Investment in Afghanistan

By Jeff Matthews (Tenth Amendment Center):

5/15/2010    Commerce, Jurisdiction and Firearms Freedom Acts

By Michael Maharrey (Tenth Amendment Center):

5/19/2013    A Basic Civics Lesson for Pseudo-Historians

By others:

4/13/2014    The Growing Commercial Spaceflight Industry

5/11/2014    A.I. in the Ditch

5/18/2014    A Spoonful of Science Helps the Glyphosate Go Down



*Note:  If you hold to similar (not necessarily exact same) beliefs and positions on relevant topics, can communicate clearly in writing, and have an idea for a post/article, contact me to discuss it. Maybe you’ll be added to the list!


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