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ad agency holiday calendarI may not have covered all American and/or Christian holidays, but I realized that I have written several holiday-related posts over the years and reproduced a few relevant speeches & proclamations. Many are historically informative — maybe even inspirational. Some have apologetic significance. A few are just… fun. I plan to continue adding to the list, though the “biggies” will probably get the most attention. If you have a particular holiday-related topic you are curious about, let me know, and I’ll consider researching and writing about it.

Meanwhile, have a Happy ___________ or a Merry _____________! Or, maybe I wish you a solemn and respectful remembrance of ______________. Kinda depends on the occasion, doesn’t it? Be well, stay safe, and God Bless You, my friends!



The Town that Lost (er, Temporarily Misplaced) Good Friday

Bible Contradictions at the Empty Tomb (Part 1 of 2)

Bible Contradictions at the Empty Tomb (Part 2 of 2)

God’s Redemptive Act

Biblical Inerrancy and the Resurrection

Torn-Curtain Call

On Jesus’ Death, part 1 of 4: Imposter Theory and Secular Evidence

On Jesus’ Death, part 2 of 4: Beatings and Flogging

On Jesus’ Death, part 3 of 4: Crucifixion

On Jesus’ Death, part 4 of 4: Swoon Theory and Substitutionary Atonement

On Jesus’ Burial: 9 Reasons the Gospels Are Credible

On the Resurrection Hypothesis, part 1 of 5: Testing Historical Explanations

On the Resurrection Hypothesis, part 2 of 5: The Empty Tomb

On the Resurrection Hypothesis, part 3 of 5: Postmortem Appearances

On the Resurrection Hypothesis, part 4 of 5: The Disciples’ Belief

On the Resurrection Hypothesis, part 5 of 5: Conclusion


Memorial Day:

Reagan’s 1986 Memorial Day Speech

What Is True Freedom?

A Brief History of Memorial Day


Independence Day:

Independence Day for Right-Wingers

Heroes Are Human, Too

President George W. Bush Speech on July 4, 2003

Does the Treaty of Tripoli Disprove a ‘Christian’ Founding of America?

Defining Patriotism and Acts Thereof

On This 4th of July

Calvin Coolidge’s Independence Day Speech (1926)


Patriot Day (9/11):

*Note: This post was actually published around Independence Day, but it is 9/11-centric.
A Patriot’s Message

*Note: While this post doesn’t mention the events of 9/11, the subject is certainly relevant and tied to the patriotic theme.
The Matter of American Exceptionalism

Never Forget


Columbus Day:

Columbus and the Indians


Halloween/All Saints’ Day/Reformation Day:

Costumes, Candy, and Courting Evil

Luther’s 95 Theses



Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

Kennedy’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

Thank God for Sperm Whales and Other Predators

The Uniquely Christian Nature of Thanksgiving in America



Is December 25th Pagan? (Part 1 of 2)

Is December 25th Pagan? (Part 2 of 2)

Are The Gospel Accounts of the Nativity Contradictory?

Amazing Young Talent

One Man’s Theory for Why Jesus Lay in a Manger

What’s the Reason, Again?

9 Things You Might Not Know about Christmas

What Was the Star of Bethlehem?

A Christmas Essay by Harry Reasoner


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