Amazing Young Talent

Season’s Greetings!!!

I recently came across an amazing talent. She’s got a big voice with a wide range, she’s super-cute, and she’s only 7 years old! Her name is Rhema Marvanne.

Here’s a studio session where she sings a Christmas classic. (Can’t believe how long she holds that note towards the end!)

Here she is singing one of my favorites, The Prayer. (The guy who does the Italian parts is pretty good, too. A fine substitute for Andrea Boccelli.)

And, if that’s not your style, here’s a “music video” of Rhema covering a Christmas song made famous (I think) by Mariah Carey:

I hope you enjoyed Miss Rhema as much as I have. If she’s got that much raw talent at 7, I can’t wait to hear what she does with some more training/coaching! She has a few more videos on YouTube (e.g., Amazing Grace, The First Noel, Blue Christmas, Star Spangled Banner), if you’re interested. She also has a new CD out that you can buy from her website.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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