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As you probably have seen for yourselves, the media (including blogs of various sizes) has been awash with commentary on the Presidential Inaugural ceremonies — from the actual swearing in of Donald J. Trump as our 45th President to the various dances and observations of what the ladies in attendance were wearing. Rather than going in that direction, I wanted to express some feelings of excitement mixed with trepidation about the new administration and its potential impact on the nation and the world.

After wrestling a bit with the issue, I decided instead to share the following, which pretty much sums up what I am thinking and does it fairly concisely. It comes from an email sent out this past Friday afternoon by a Tea Party group called the Independence Hall Foundation. (Hope they don’t mind me sharing.)

“Dear Members and Friends,

On this historic day, the Foundation wishes both the incoming and outgoing presidents well as the peaceful transition of power, prescribed by the US Constitution, is successfully completed.

We have endured 8 long years under President Barack Obama’s leadership and can honestly say this day couldn’t have arrived soon enough.

To President Donald Trump, we extend our best wishes for a successful four years–one that brings peace and prosperity to all Americans.

As a conservative organization, we will support President Trump when he seeks to fulfill conservative policy goals–such as appointing conservative judges, repealing ObamaCare, cutting taxes, reducing regulations, preventing illegal immigration, or making America energy independent–and will oppose him (as we did President Obama) when he veers away from conservative principles by proposing trillion dollar spending programs, initiating new federal programs (childcare), or raising tariffs that lead to trade wars.

While we back the President’s support of Taiwan in the face of a hostile mainland China, we are horrified by his indifference to Russian aggression in the Ukraine, Crimea, Georgia, Syria, and elsewhere–and his coziness with Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin.

And though we appreciate President Trump’s criticism of the United Nations, we are completely dismayed by his constant reference to NATO as obsolete.

Suffice it to say, we will be as vigilant with President Trump as we were with President Obama–the only caveat being that we expect to be in the 45th President’s corner more often than not.

On behalf of the Foundation Board,
Don Adams”

Trump & Co. appear to be off to a fine start, and I truly hope and pray that they stay on target, defending the Constitution (as originally conceived) and doing what is best for America and Americans. MAGA!


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