Dear Trump Supporters

Now that we’ve all survived the Sept. 23rd “apocalypse” (or whatever it was supposed to be), I would like to share a post I saw yesterday from a very sharp young man that I “follow” on Facebook, Tim Dukeman. He is quite prolific with his posts/comments on political, socio-cultural, and theological matters. On those occasions when I understand what he’s talking about, I mostly agree. Case in point would be the following, which he kindly said I could share with my readers:

Dear Trump supporters,

Yes, the media spends literally 90% of their time running anti-Trump propaganda. Yes, the Democrats are literal mass murderers. Yes, Trump gets attacked unfairly all the time. Yes, yes, yes.

None of these things make it ok for you to be tribal. None of these things make Trump’s crude, crass manner acceptable. None of the above can erase the bad things Trump has done before and after taking office.

It’s obviously unfair to say that Trump supporters are all cult members or unthinking drones who blindly follow the Dear Leader. That isn’t true, and people should stop saying it.

But come on, guys. Don’t make it easy for them. When Trump says something dumb, don’t act like a wounded animal. When Trump makes a bad call, just admit it. When Trump degrades our discourse with vulgar personal attacks, don’t pretend that it’s good for our country for the President to act that way.

You don’t have to stop supporting Trump. You don’t have to apologize for voting for him. You don’t have to support impeaching him, or anything else. You can just say “that was wrong.” You can just concede the point and move on. You can say that Trump messed up today, but you’re confident he’ll do better tomorrow.

If you’re not a cult member, don’t act like one.

That is all.


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