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On the Resurrection Hypothesis, part 3 of 5: Postmortem Appearances

Published on March 27, 2016 By sirrahc

Postmortem Appearances We have four lines of evidence for the historical reliability of Jesus’ appearances to people after His death. 1) *Paul’s testimony shows that the disciples saw appearances of Jesus.* In I Corinthians 15, Paul lists several people to whom Jesus appeared after his death, beginning with Peter individually and the Twelve Apostles (as […]

On the Resurrection Hypothesis, part 2 of 5: The Empty Tomb

Published on March 24, 2016 By sirrahc

Empty Tomb Let’s start with the ten lines of evidence that support the factuality of Jesus’ empty tomb: 1) *Historical credibility of the burial story.* The two are closely connected. If the burial story is basically correct, both Jews and Christians would have known the site of Jesus’ tomb. If the body was still there, […]

Bible Contradictions at the Empty Tomb (Part 2 of 2)

Published on April 21, 2011 By sirrahc

Continuing my attempt from yesterday (actually from some years ago) to reconcile the various Gospel passages having to do with the Empty Tomb…. “I think it is worth remembering that women were second-class citizens in that culture. While Jesus (and later the disciples) taught that women were to be respected and basically treated as equals, […]

Bible Contradictions at the Empty Tomb (Part 1 of 2)

Published on April 20, 2011 By sirrahc

In the interest of doing something seasonal… Every year around this time, some atheist or agnostic author/professor will make some claim about what the Bible “really” says or that the Bible is unreliable history or the “real” Christianity teaches something different or… some such thing. Bart Ehrman already kicked things off last month by promoting […]

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