Rants and Reflections on the Election(s) (Part 1 of 2)

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”   — Abraham Lincoln


That was my response (posted on Facebook), give or take an “R” or two, to the 2012 Election results. Actually, that was my second FB post. My first was, “Crap on a stick! I’m so depressed.” But, that’s not quite right. I’m very disappointed, obviously. And a bit morose. But, really, I’m angry. So, here goes the rant…

Lou Ferrigno as Hulk, growling at cameraAre you freakin’ kidding me?!! Do we really have to listen for 4 more years to this pompous, Marxist SOB pontificating and blathering on about how he just wants to help the poor and middle classes, make everything more “fair”, and lend a sympathetic ear to “deprived” & “misunderstood” foreign powers, while he proceeds to totally “transform” our nation into a socialist state and put us at the economic & military mercy of the likes of Russia, China, Iran, and our “friends” the Saudis?

How the heck could anyone think Obama was as good or better for the country than Romney? I’m not talking about die-hard liberals/progressives, of course. The gimme-free-stuff-and-take-care-of-me entitlement crowd and the socialist elitists (in government and academia) who indoctrinate & lead them were never going to vote for anyone but the Democrats’ “main man.” No, I’m talking about, and to, those conservatives and independents of one stripe or another who decided they just could not / would not vote for Romney, for whatever reason — too moderate, too flip-floppy, too Mormon, etc.

As I’ve said before, I cannot understand how you could literally waste your vote. I don’t care if you voted for Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, or Elvis Presley. You had a responsibility to use your vote to try to accomplish the most good, not “make a statement”. Now, I will admit that it looks like even all of the 3rd-party votes would not have been enough to give Romney the popular vote. But, it may have given him a few more electoral votes. Plus, any lessening of the margin of Obama’s win would have further reduced any claims to a popular “mandate”.

As for those who just decided not to vote at all, I understand you even less. Don’t think you aren’t complicit in getting Obama/Biden elected for a second term and, indirectly, for the damage they will do. Your decision to not vote, especially when you had at least some idea of what was at stake, is almost as bad as voting for the “greater of two evils” himself.

What damage, you ask? Obama et al. have stated that they will continue — yea, even “double down” — on pursuing their radical Leftist agenda. So, we can look forward to:

* Full implementation of Obamacare

* Fairness Doctrine

* Card Check Bill

* More babies murdered (and a Life Begins at Conception Act becomes nigh-impossible)

* More gun control, including UN-directed gun bans

* Further acceptance of same-sex marriage, capitulation to the “gay agenda”, and normalization of “alternative lifestyles”

* More “green” policies that cripple domestic coal & oil, thereby stifling energy independence

* Continued erosion of states’ rights and individual rights (e.g., speech and religion)

* More irresponsible foreign policy, including “flexibility” re missile defense (i.e., capitulating to Russia)

* More profligate spending of taxpayer dollars on entitlement programs and Solyndra-type investments

* Possibly more government bailouts/takeovers of industry

* More taxes

* More unemployment

* More business- & innovation-killing regulations

* More economic stagnation, recession, inflation — take your pick

* More demonization of capitalism

* More class warfare and identity politics

* More lying, cheating, and incompetency in the Executive Branch

* Et cetera…

But, you knew all that and still you decided to throw away your vote. Thanks a lot!

defiant ObamaLast but not least, there are the aforementioned millions who are die-hard Democrats, whether for ideological reasons or due to ignorance, laziness, and/or hedonism. Obviously, YOU are the most responsible for this whole mess, ‘cuz you asked for it! (smh) You have bought into a warped view of what is good and what is evil, what is fair and what is just. You deny what really works, as evidenced from history and from your neighbors in the world today, so that you can do what (you think) feels/looks good but really makes the world worse off. You raise up leaders — and I use that term very loosely — like Barack Obama, who promise salvation, while they work (consciously or not) to destroy everything that keeps us free, safe, healthy (and, hopefully, fairly comfortable) in this world. You may like some of the cultural changes that are bound to occur, but when the economy goes to crap and there’s no money left to redistribute and we look more like a Soviet state, don’t come whining to your conservative neighbors. You have only yourselves to blame for being blinded and believing the lie.*

So, yes, I am angry and frustrated and disappointed with my fellow Americans — flawed as we all are, of course — for pushing us further “forward” towards the abyss. I sincerely hope & pray that this doesn’t mark the beginning of the end for America and the world as we know it.

Next post will be less rant and more reflection/analysis. Promise. ;>

*Note: No, I am not forgetting the divine/spiritual aspect to all of this. But, we are all free moral agents and responsible for what we do in this world. That is the focus of this post.


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