Struggle Between Two Visions

I’ll make this short. The following are a few paragraphs excerpted from Sean Hannity’s book Conservative Victory (2010):

Hannity - Conservative Victory“As harsh as Democrats and the liberal grass roots were in their eight straight years of attacks on George W. Bush and his administration, they had one thing right: There is a great philosophical divide that splits this nation in half — a divide born of diametrically opposite worldviews, which are engaged in an ongoing power struggle over the direction of this nation. This struggle is as old as the United States, but it has grown more intense with each passing decade….

America’s leftists have consistently betrayed their disdain for the military, for American exceptionalism, for capitalism and capitalists. But today they’ve taken their assaults to a new level. It’s no exaggeration to say that our future as a nation of liberty and prosperity, and as the world’s sole superpower, has never been in greater jeopardy. We are in a war for our national survival. We are in desperate need for a new vision, and an effective strategy, to defeat Barack Obama and the American left before they rob from us everything our ancestors sacrificed to bequeath us, and all that our military has fought, bled, and died to preserve….

It was gratifying to watch as grassroots Americans awakened from their apathy and slumber to confront a president who was betraying their way of life. But it’s less comforting to realize that Obama and his leftist congressional stablemates have not yet been deterred by the popular backlash against their radical agenda. If anything, they’ve been emboldened to press harder to impose upon this nation their vision for America — a vision that couldn’t be more inconsistent with that of this country’s founding fathers or the constitution they crafted.”

As imperfect as the Republican candidates may be, they are far and away better than the “progressive” alternatives. Do you want an assured continuation of more taxes, more business-stifling regulations, more unemployment, more spending into oblivion, more reduction of our freedoms, more social-engineering, and more apologizing for and weakening of the U.S. on the world stage? If so, vote for the incumbent. If not, do your part to get him out of office and replaced with someone who has a desire and a plan to get this country back on track economically, fiscally, militarily, etc. Romney is the only one with a chance in heck of defeating Obama, right now.

Vote for Romney/Ryan! And, lest we forget, be sure to vote for true conservatives  — e.g., Tom Smith (R-PA), Richard Mourdock (R-IN), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), George Allen (R-VA), Josh Mandel (R-OH) — in the congressional races, too. The president can’t do it on his own!

Romney-Ryan 2012


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