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Atheism is Patriotic? What the…?

Published on April 7, 2013 By sirrahc

The title of this post is in reference to an article I came across several months ago: “Atheists Claim ‘Religion Is Unpatriotic’”. When I read the headline, my first reaction was, “Are they serious?” If we’re talking about America, then I think the sentiment is, well, questionable, to say the least. It seems that, for […]

Heat Death and Atheist Inconsistency (or, Isn’t It Ironic?)

Published on April 19, 2012 By sirrahc

Atheists & secularists, like anyone else, will sometimes speak of what gives their life meaning and purpose. It might be fighting against religious dogma, or helping people think rationally, or spending time with their family, or “making the world a little better place”, or… whatever. Note that these are self-imposed “purposes” or “meaning”, often involving […]

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