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What to Make of Jade Helm 15

Published on June 7, 2015 By sirrahc

“All we want to do is be sure our guys are trained for combat overseas. That’s it.”  — Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria “Friends, when it comes to freedom, we must question, verify and vet everyone and everything. We must never check our brains or blindly trust, especially the government.”  — Chuck Norris, actor, author, and […]

Aspartame: How Bad Is It, Really?

Published on November 30, 2014 By sirrahc

I make a habit of not drinking anything artificially sweetened with aspartame (aka aminosweet). (In fact, I tend to avoid “diet” drinks in general.) I remember reading or hearing something many years ago that said studies showed aspartame causes serious health issues, when consumed regularly. In fact, if you follow the various “alternative health experts” […]

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