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A Concerned Plea to Scientists and Educators

Published on December 17, 2017 By sirrahc

“[Y]ou should not fool the laymen when you’re talking as a scientist…. I’m talking about a specific, extra type of integrity that is [more than] not lying, but bending over backwards to show how you’re maybe wrong, that you ought to have when acting as a scientist. And this is our responsibility as scientists, certainly […]

Racial Profiling, Black Crime, and Criminal Justice

Published on May 22, 2016 By sirrahc

“Though prosecutors and judges may well make discriminatory judgments, such decisions do not account for more than a small fraction of the overrepresentation of blacks in prison.”  — James Q. Wilson and Richard Herrnstein, Crime and Human Nature Once again (as I did here, here, and here), I would like to cite from Jason L. […]

Why Black Students Aren’t Prepared, part 2

Published on April 24, 2016 By sirrahc

“I have no desire to get rid of safety nets for people who need them. I have a strong desire to get rid of programs that create dependency in able-bodied people.”  — Dr. Ben Carson Continuing excerpts from Jason L. Riley’s enlightening and insightful book, Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for […]

Why Black Students Aren’t Prepared

Published on April 17, 2016 By sirrahc

“We know that there are many things wrong in the white world, but there are many things wrong in the black world, too. We can’t keep on blaming the white man. There are things we must do for ourselves.”  — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A few weeks ago, I cited from Jason Riley’s book, […]

Just Two Questions about Federal Takeover of Student Loans

Published on March 31, 2010 By sirrahc

Those sneaky Dems and their “stealth accomplishments”. Last Tuesday, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) — aka “Obamacare”. Today, Obama signed the reconciliation bill that was supposed to implement the “fixes” to Obamacare, as required by the House. But, they decided to attach the Student Aid and […]

This Man's a Genius

Published on February 17, 2010 By sirrahc

As the late Adrian Rogers said, “You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.” Some of you may have seen this, already. It was emailed to me a couple weeks ago, and I finally decided to include it here. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s a true story, but it illustrates the point beautifully: An economics […]

Original Zinn: Indoctrinating Our Children on the Evils of Racist, Capitalist America

Published on December 14, 2009 By sirrahc

OR… Bad America! Long Live Marxist Socialism! Radical far-Leftist Howard Zinn, first-among-equals among the ‘Blame America’ academic crowd, is at it again — this time with the help of Hollywood and The History Channel. The controversial professor is author of the popular A People’s History of the United States — a darkly revisionist work if […]

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