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Paglia on Democrats, Journalism, Islamist Terror, and LGBT

Published on June 25, 2017 By sirrahc

Liberal progressive. Atheist. Member of LGBT community. Pro-choice, feminist icon. Given the above attributes, you wouldn’t think there was much for a politically- and religiously-conservative individual like me to agree on with Camille Paglia (silent ‘g’), writer of Sexual Personae and Free Men, Free Women. For the most part, that’s true. But, Ms. Paglia is […]

Who Are We Fighting?

Published on September 30, 2012 By sirrahc

“We still have no strategy for dealing with this enormous long term threat. In many ways, the willful blindness of our elites has actually gotten worse.” — Newt Gingrich The following excerpt was recently reproduced in an email from Gingrich Productions. It is from Newt Gingrich’s book Winning the Future (2005), where he is discussing […]

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