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You Gotta Fight… for Your Right… to Study the Rocks

Published on May 14, 2017 By sirrahc

“[W]hen the government starts refusing access to even collect the information because it dislikes one scientist’s views, it undercuts science and violates the law.”  — Gary McCaleb, ADF Senior Counsel If the name “Andrew Snelling” is familiar to you, you probably have an interest in the creation/evolution/ID debates. Snelling has been a stalwart on the […]

Sack This Act!: Your Safety Is At Stake

Published on June 27, 2010 By sirrahc

I thought the next piece I did about unions would be on the infamous Card Check legislation. But there is a more pressing problem that I need to make sure you are aware of — namely, the “Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill”. For the past year, this thing has been gathering steam. Its official […]

Yes! SCOTUS Eviscerates McCain-Feingold

Published on January 22, 2010 By sirrahc

The U.S. Supreme Court today struck a blow for the First Amendment. In a 5-4 ruling, significant parts of the campaign finance law popularly known as McCain-Feingold were judged unconstitutional. In particular, it was affirmed that the government cannot restrict corporate or union spending for or against candidates in Presidential and Congressional elections. The justices […]

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