Gay-bashing in Hollywood

You may have missed this news item among all the “Occupy” nonsense and various accusations of sexual harassment and pedophilia, but it’s worth noting….

Actually, the incident in question happened in Texas, not Hollywood. How low will those right-wing, redneck bigots go? Scratching obscenities on some gay guy’s car and beating him up when he confronted them? Oops, wait a minute. The person guilty of assault & battery on the man and his auto was actually a pro-gay liberal! (Whether the escaped perpetrator is gay himself is unknown.)

It’s hard enough “coming out” as gay in generally-conservative Texas, but try “coming out” as politically conservative among Hollywood-ites, especially if you’re a homosexual, and you can expect a harsh response from the “tolerant” crowd.

Taylor Garrett in blue suit

Taylor Garrett

Taylor Garrett stars in the reality TV show “A-List Dallas” about a group of gay men dealing with life & love in Dallas, TX. Garrett is not only politically conservative but works as a Republican consultant. He’s also a professed Christian. Oh my! (Don’t ask me how he reconciles the two; that’s another issue.) While he does still have a few gay friends, including castmates, his presence on the show has riled up quite a few on the Left. There is even a hate website devoted to him.

Last month, there was a bit of controversy when Garrett tweeted about someone having thrown a rock with a nasty, anti-conservative note through his apartment window. It seems the police report was a bit late getting filed, plus the tweet was later deleted, so there were suspicions about it all being a publicity stunt. Garrett cleared it up over at HuffPo. (Short version: it was legit.)

Apparently, gay Republican group GOProud was recruiting Garrett last month, so he had been meeting with people like Jimmy LaSalvia (Executive Director) and outspoken conservative author/commentator Ann Coulter (board member). In fact, one such lunch meeting was filmed for inclusion in the show. While Garrett asserts that he disagrees with Coulter on same-sex marriage and other “gay issues”, he has been the subject of threats and harassment since news of the lunch meeting became known. Some have seen fit to promote a boycott of the show and circulate an internet petition demanding the LOGO network edit out Coulter’s scene(s).

“The Democrats want me to live on their plantation as their slave, because I’m a gay person,” he said. “And I refuse to do that.”

Good for him. Unfortunately, there are some elements of the gay/pro-gay community who are not above getting physical to express their feelings about Garrett “betraying the cause.”

At a recent birthday party in Dallas, Garrett returned to his car to retrieve a package for a friend. He saw a large man crouched next to his car, keying “F*** Coulter!” in large letters on the side. When Garrett approached and confronted the vandal, the guy punched him in the eye. Garrett was knocked to the ground, where he also scraped himself on some glass in the parking lot. The attacker ran off. Luckily, Garrett wasn’t seriously hurt and refused to let paramedics take him to the hospital. He only reluctantly let police include his name on the police report, because he “didn’t want to be in the press again about this.”

Garrett said he joined “A-List Dallas” to show that there are gay “conservative, Republican, Christians” out there. And, despite his differences with Coulter, he didn’t mind having lunch with her and wanted to model his belief that:

“[J]ust because you don’t support gay marriage doesn’t make you a bigot, doesn’t mean you hate gay people; it just means you disagree on gay issues.”

Now, Garrett is doubtful he’ll return for another season, having been “destroyed by the gay community” for his conservative views.

“I would’ve thought people would have been a little more tolerant, considering that our community advocates for tolerance, but it has been nothing but mean spirited attacks, especially after the Ann Coulter scene.”

Lesson learned, I hope. So much for the “tolerant” Left. (Not saying they all advocate physical assault and vandalism, of course.) It seems that “tolerance” to these people is rather one-sided — agree with them, accept what they do, follow their rules,… or else. Sounds like coercion to me. They’re just trying to “push their morality” on the rest of us.

“[T]he gay community advocates for diversity and is against bullying, but in our own community we discriminate based upon if you’re a Democrat or a Republican or if you don’t necessarily fit within the mold of the political views of the gay community. I learned that a lot of people in our community are very intolerant and that I have to watch my back a little more.”


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