Newt on Israel and Protecting the Free World from Islamic Jihad

Today, we learned that Barack Obama met again with Benjamin Netanyahu, where the President assured the Israeli Prime Minister that the U.S. has Israel’s back, should they decide they need to launch a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities (though urging him to resist doing so). It’s quite a turnaround from Obama’s previous statements and meetings with Netanyahu. Can we believe it? Does Obama have the guts to do what may be necessary? I hope so, but I’m not sure I buy it.

In the speech below, at a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Newt Gingrich condemns the folly & danger of President Obama’s foreign policy. He discusses the threats — particularly to Israel — of Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Iran, etc., and the policy of incoherence and accommodation that Obama has adopted toward these terrorist organizations and the nations that support them. Our enemies see such accommodations as weak and they only damage, not help, our position on the world stage and at the negotiating table. We need a leader — like, maybe, uh, NEWT! — who recognizes what’s going on, can identify our true enemies, and will take a tough, Reagan-esque, peace-through-strength stance against those who want to destroy us and our allies and to spread terror and tyranny throughout the world.

“We first need to acknowledge that 20 years of trying to negotiate peace with evil regimes and evil organizations dedicated to the destruction of Israel — and, in many cases, to our own destruction — has been a failure. The time has come to clearly and decisively take the offensive against evil regimes and evil organizations….”

Newt then goes on to say that it starts with America 1) speaking “plainly & truthfully about the nature of our enemies” and 2) having policies that reflect “no moral equivalency between terrorist regimes and a legitimate, self-governing country that abides by the rule of law.” He finishes with 9 policy proposals he believes will set us, Israel, and the rest of the free world on a path to safety & security against Islamic jihad and, yes, to help the Palestinian people, too.

Check it out! (If pressed for time, you can skip the nearly 5 minute introduction.)


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