Change of Plans, Sorta…

Krusty the Clown, shruggingNo, no, I’m not the new U.S. ambassador to New Zealand. (Darn it!) This is something else.

Remember a few weeks ago, when I announced that I would be starting to post about sci-fi/fantasy and action/adventure stuff on this blog? (If not, just trust me. I said it.) I know several of my friends and readers are into a lot of the same stuff, so I would think they’d have some interest in such posts. Right? Well, the reaction was a bit, shall we say, lackluster.  🙁

After some more thought, I decided that part of the problem was probably that this blog is not the best forum for those topics. Heck, it’s hard enough keeping a fair balance between Politics, Science, & Religion. Throwing in posts about Star Trek, superheroes, hobbits, and other pop-culture entertainment just didn’t make sense. (Those poor Google search-engine bots wouldn’t know what to think!) So,…

I have started a new, separate blog called simply “Heroes and Aliens”. (I wanted to call it “Out of My Mind” or “Pixels and Ink”, but those were both taken.) The About page and first post are both up, with a couple more posts scheduled for the next few days. Check it out and let me know what you think (here or there)!


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