Why the Left Should Be Pro-Life

“Secularists, for various reasons, have a notoriously low birth rate by comparison to their more religious neighbors. And, according to Darwinistic expectations, strong populations will inevitably multiply, dominating smaller, weaker ones. By failing to produce offspring, Secular society will eventually be judged and found wanting by its own dogmatics.”  — Wes Walker, writer

426721224_babies_answer_1_xlargeWith my somewhat sardonic tongue planted firmly in cheek,…

It occurred to me the other day that we pro-lifers on the political Right may be going about this whole battle in the wrong way. We appeal to scientific facts. Common moral intuitions. Logical, philosophical conclusions. But, even when our opponents on the Left (and some in the mushy Middle) admit that abortion amounts to the murder of human babies, they manage to rationalize why it’s still OK. But, maybe a pragmatic approach — one that appeals to the liberal quest for ever-bigger government — is the better way to go….

More babies means:

1) more people dependent on government welfare,

2) more workers & voters (eventually),

3) more taxes paid to government coffers (eventually)

But, it’s the parenthetical “eventually” that may be a problem. After all, as Jerry Bowyer explains from an economic point of view,

“[T]he best formula for growth is to add more people to the economy and to have each of them become more productive…. [But,] in the short run, new people tend to lower economic output per person, because new people tend to be babies. You need babies for long-term economic prosperity, but in the short turn, they lessen that economic prosperity….”

So, a lot of these benefits will take several years to come to fruition, and we all know that the Left is much more enamored with quick-n-easy “solutions”, damn the (unintended?) consequences. So, they will continue to kill helpless, unborn, human boys and girls — over a million each year just in the U.S. — for matters of (in)convenience, lauding the “blessings” of having such a choice. Is it any wonder that so many of the children we don’t abort have so little respect for life?

The political Left is predominantly secularist/atheist, which is why it is so much easier for them to rationalize the slaughter of the unborn. But, as the quote at the top points out, they are shooting themselves in the foot (feet?). From a purely practical perspective, then, “religious” people, who continue to reproduce at higher rates, will win out.

Bowyer concludes,

“All of this means that fetus-phobic countries face economic irrelevance, and when they add the additional toxin of socialism, the path to oblivion becomes even steeper and more slippery.”


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