And So It Begins…

If anyone had told me a couple years ago that I would be typing the words “President-elect Donald Trump”, I would have said they were crazy. But,…

trumppence3I’ve been trying to figure out how I feel about the 2016 election results. “Giddy” is definitely too strong a word, though I am overall quite pleased. Regarding the Trump/Pence win in particular, the two words that probably describe my emotional state best are “relief” and “hope”. I am extremely relieved that we will not be subjected to another 4-8 years of lies, corruption, and Leftist policies that would have come with a Clinton/Kaine win. Moreover, I now have hope that much of the damage done under the Obama administration can be reversed, or at least ameliorated. I have hope that America really can recover from the insanity of recent years and truly become “great again”.

Republicans and conservatives didn’t win everything we wanted or expected, of course. For example, my own state’s Congressman, John Mica (R), lost his re-election bid. But, we retained a solid majority in the House, as well as our 51 votes in the Senate. At least as important is the fact that “Republicans largely retained their grip over state legislative chambers and governorships,” as reported by Josh Siegel in “The Daily Signal”. Republicans lost a couple statehouses but held onto 66 out of 98. “The GOP also increased its majority of governorships from 31 to 33.”

My general attitude and expectation regarding America under the Trump administration is one of — to use a phrase I’m becoming very familiar with these days — cautious optimism. Assuming Trump was serious about his feelings about this nation and his intentions for making it great again, this could mark the beginning of a much-needed turnaround for the better. Despite his faults, I think Trump may actually be the leader needed at this point in time. (Ouch, that hurts to say.) But, there is a lot to be done, and the President can’t do it alone. Trump has an opportunity to do a great deal of good, and I hope that he chooses wisely re his agenda and in those he appoints to help him run the Executive branch.

I, for one, will endeavor to be more faithful in praying for the leaders of this country. I pray that the Republican-led Congress will have more courage than they have shown thus far and that the balance of powers between the three branches of government will be restored. I also pray that “We the People” will hold them all accountable to do the work they say they will do, that needs to be done, and with integrity.

Meanwhile, let’s keep a sharp eye out for what shenanigans Obama and his cohorts will (try to) do over the next 2 1/2 months. Some stuff is a lot harder to reverse than others….


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