Radical Christians, U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, and the Paris Climate Accord

It has been a busy weekend, and I wasn’t sure what I’d have time to share with you this week. I knew I wanted a political element to it, though. So, I looked back at several articles from the past few days and came up with a few items of interest to briefly comment on….

First up, it appears that angry atheist Mikey Weinstein is still up to his old tricks, crying out about imagined Christian Dominionists trying to establish a hardline Christian theocracy in America. This time, Newsweek is helping him recycle old tales he’s been telling for years, but now he tries to blame Trump.

“In a story headlined ‘Trump effect inspires radical Christians in military,’ Newsweek political writer Nina Burleigh describes an ominous scene unfolding in the armed forces: crazy Christian ‘fundamentalists’ in uniform harassing non-believers in a fervent attempt to establish a theocracy. Ron Crews of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty noticed that Burleigh’s 1,300-word story relied exclusively on atheist attorney Mikey Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation, relying on a claim he made years ago to bash the five-month Trump administration.”

Of course, to a militant anti-theist like Weinstein, any Christian who has the gall to somehow express his/her Christian faith or moral values is a “radical Christian” who must be silenced!

Trump made a campaign promise to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Most Israelis and pro-Israel supporters in the West were thrilled, given such a move’s symbolism, and it looked like it would happen fairly soon. That is, until last week, when Trump signed a waiver to keep from moving that embassy for at least another 6 months. The reasoning?

“[S]ince taking office, Trump has heard repeatedly from foreign leaders and Mideast experts warning him that such a move could terminate his push for a Mideast peace deal even before it gets started. The longstanding U.S. position is that Jerusalem’s fate must be worked out through Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. The Palestinians argue moving the embassy would prejudge one of the most sensitive issues in the conflict, undermining America’s status as an effective mediator.”

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, moving the U.S. embassy to the much-politicized and divided Jerusalem would be a strong show of U.S. support for the State of Israel. That would be a good thing and worth doing. (However, I believe all other foreign consulates to Israel are in Tel Aviv, so that might be a little inconvenient for conducting business. Not sure.) On the other hand, it won’t hurt to delay a few months, if it removes a potential stumblingblock from negotiations. On the other other hand, I don’t care how good a negotiator Trump is, I don’t trust the Palestinians to uphold any *fair* deal. They haven’t been trustworthy in the past, and I doubt they are suddenly any more so now. (In fact, the lies have already begun.) But, I suppose the Trump administration needs to be able to say it tried. Certainly, if & when the move is finally made, there will be unrest, probably violent, in Jerusalem and elsewhere.

In another major policy decision, President Trump announced that the U.S. is officially withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord that his predecessor got us into. The Left is wailing about “mass extinction” and destroying the planet, because, well, they’ve drunk their own kool-aid. On the other side of the aisle, as Ben Shapiro observes,

“[T]he entire conservative movement [is] celebrating him for pulling out of the meaningless and counterproductive Paris Accord on climate change. Trump gave a highly effective, politically attuned speech regarding the costs to the economy of substantial environmental regulations – a speech the left will deride, but that won’t lose Trump a single vote in a swing state.”

Contrary to what the Left would have you believe, many of us (including Trump) recognize that mankind can and does have some impact on the planet’s ecology. What we question is how much our impact truly is and the best way to go about managing or correcting that. In our estimation, the data does not justify the alarmism from the (mostly) Left, and it certainly doesn’t justify the radical measures pushed by Al Gore and friends. And the Paris agreement, frankly, placed an undue burden on the U.S., which is why Trump pulled us out. It would cost our economy trillions of dollars and force American taxpayers to pay $3 billion to the U.N. Green Climate Fund.

Sen. Rand Paul remarked,

“We would lose 6 and a half million jobs, while countries like India and Iran… we would have to pay them to reduce their carbon emissions. I think one of the reasons President Trump was elected was that he would defend the American worker and defend American jobs. I can’t imagine a worse agreement for the American worker.”

Furthermore, this move is not a move toward reckless waste and pollution. Sec. Rex Tillerson had a few things to say on this. Also, as per President Trump,

“I will work to ensure that America remains the world’s leader on environmental issues. We’ll be the cleanest. We’re going to have the cleanest air. We’re going to have the cleanest water. We will be environmentally friendly, but we’re not going to put our businesses out of work. We’re not going to lose our jobs.”

Plus, he is open to working out a new or amended accord (see image above). So, everyone, just chill out!

P.S.  Kathy Griffin is a washed-up, unfunny has-been of the Looney Left, who is trying desperately to gain public attention. Well, she did so in an incredibly tasteless and disgusting way, much like what goes for “humor” these days among her ilk. Following up her tone-deaf stunt by crying “I’m a victim!” just further proves her mental imbalance and/or warped sense of self-relevance. (Ouch! That was harsh!)


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