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Net Neutrality Is Bad and Here’s Why

Published on December 3, 2017 By sirrahc

“At the most basic level; if Google, Amazon, and Facebook are for it, it probably isn’t in your best interest.”  — Tim, commenter on The Daily Wire In less than 2 weeks (Dec. 14), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be voting on whether or not to reverse current Net Neutrality rules. This has a […]

Primer on Net Neutrality

Published on March 1, 2015 By sirrahc

“Title II regulation of the Internet is a solution in search of a problem.”  — Logan Albright, Research Analyst at FreedomWorks I confess, I have been putting off taking the time & effort to get up to speed on this whole “Net Neutrality” thing. I mean, I had the gist of it but didn’t know […]

Harry Potter and the Zero-Sum Game

Published on March 16, 2014 By sirrahc

You know her as the author of the phenomenally successful “Harry Potter” book series for young adults, which was then turned into the phenomenally successful “Harry Potter” movie series. Her name, of course, is J.K. Rowling (“Jo” to her friends), and she is loaded — the first author to reach a net worth of a […]

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