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More Alaskan and Offshore Drilling? Yesss!

Published on January 7, 2018 By sirrahc

“America’s central position in the global energy system as a leading producer, consumer, and innovator ensures that markets are free and U.S. infrastructure is resilient and secure.”  — NSS Report, Dec. 2017 The idea of U.S. energy independence — or even dominance — and its role in our national security strategy is not new — […]

Keystone Conundrum

Published on January 26, 2015 By sirrahc

“As a serious strategy for dealing with climate, blocking Keystone is a waste of time. But as a strategy for arousing passion, it is dynamite.”  — David Victor, global warming policy expert at the University of California, San Diego. Back in November, I suggested that the Lame Duck session of the 113th Congress could and […]

Obama’s Climate Change Plan: My Prediction

Published on June 1, 2014 By sirrahc

Tomorrow, the Obama administration is supposed to announce its new plan, as drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to fulfill the President’s original election-year promises for fighting climate change. (Or, was it “global warming”?) The new standards will be finalized in June 2015, after everyone has had a year to react & respond. States […]

Newt on Energy Independence and $2.50 per Gallon Gasoline

Published on March 2, 2012 By sirrahc

“President Obama has taken us from $1.89 to the most expensive gasoline, on average, that we’ve ever had. They’re still not satisfied.” Today’s video is an address Newt gave earlier this month about “unleashing the American people” and taking advantage of the incredible natural resources we have in this country — both on land and […]

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