Newt on Energy Independence and $2.50 per Gallon Gasoline

“President Obama has taken us from $1.89 to the most expensive gasoline, on average, that we’ve ever had. They’re still not satisfied.”

Today’s video is an address Newt gave earlier this month about “unleashing the American people” and taking advantage of the incredible natural resources we have in this country — both on land and offshore. (He touched on this in a couple of the other videos I posted.) Newt explains how we can be truly free from depending on questionable friends in the Middle East and elsewhere for our fuel/energy needs, put thousands of Americans to work in well-paying jobs, and bring hundreds of billions of dollars both into the U.S. economy and in federal revenues, if only we were not constrained by ridiculous regulations that pander to environmentalist alarmists. We wouldn’t have to fear oil going up so much that gas reaches or surpasses $5/gallon (which is still cheap compared to what it costs overseas). In fact, Newt thinks $2.50/gallon or less is within reach.

Intrigued? Take it away, Mr. Gingrich…


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