Newt at CPAC 2012

“We intend to change Washington — not accommodate it!”

In my efforts this week to get Newt’s ideas & values in front of more people, I have posted here his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference a few weeks ago. (Fyi, not surprisingly, there is some overlap with the “21st Century Contract with America” speech that I posted earlier.) When I first listened to this (as when I saw him in person here in Jacksonville), I thought, “Yes! How can anyone not be encouraged and inspired by his ‘bold solutions to get America working again’? How can anyone (on the Right) not like this guy and his plans for stopping America from going ‘over the cliff’? For making us economically strong, energy independent, and defensively secure?” But, alas, some people still get hung up on misinformation, past grudges, and mud-slinging by his opponents on Left & Right. (I’ve addressed some of this in a previous post.)

OK, Mr. Speaker. The mic is yours…

Now, I urge you to check out this article at The American Spectator.


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