Newt Outlines 21st Century Contract with America

“An adult document for adults.”

Today’s video has the former Speaker of the House speaking in Des Moines, Iowa, where he introduced his current campaign platform — an updated version of the “Contract with America”. (The original was put together by Larry Hunter, Dick Armey, Gingrich, and a few others back in 1994.)

I’ve heard people complain that Newt’s “bold visions” are too big, he wants to do too much, and they suggest that a President Gingrich would to try to ram all this stuff through via executive fiat or force of will or by doing end-runs around Congress and the Constitution. (You know — like Obama/Pelosi/Reid like to do.) Nonsense! In this speech, he explains that…

“It will take about a year to pass all this, because we need to use regular order…. [W]hile I’m going to propose these,… they should come through a regular legislative process, where subcommittees hold hearings, they hold markups, they report to the full committee, they hold markups, they go to the floor, and they have a chance to amend it. So, the will of the American people is actually expressed the way the Constitution suggested. That’s a much harder process. It isn’t ramming things through. It’s legislating.”

Let’s hear what else he has to say…


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