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The Miller-Urey Experiment Is Irrelevant

Published on July 24, 2016 By sirrahc

“We have reached a situation where a theory has been accepted as fact by some, and possible contrary evidence is shunted aside. [This is] mythology rather than science.”  — Robert Shapiro, OOL researcher and gadfly to naturalist orthodoxy, Origins: A Skeptic’s Guide to the Creation of Life on Earth (1987) You may have expected a […]

Living on a Razor’s Edge (Part 3 of 3)

Published on May 31, 2011 By sirrahc

Last time, I wrote about various, highly unusual characteristics of the Milky Way Galaxy and of the Sun that allow for life to exist in this particular, small, local region of space. Before that, I posted about the many factors in the very structure of the universe that must be (and are, obviously) extremely fine-tuned […]

Living on a Razor’s Edge (Part 2 of 3)

Published on May 25, 2011 By sirrahc

“Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe which was created out of nothing, one with the very delicate balance needed to provide exactly the conditions required to permit life, and one which has an underlying (one might say ‘supernatural’) plan.” — Arno Penzias, physicist who shares the Nobel prize for physics for discovering […]

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