And, Now, for Something Completely Different….

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Announcement! Announcement! Announcement!

OK, the news isn’t really all that fantastic, nor is it super or amazing. It certainly isn’t incredible or even uncanny. Some of you may think it’s just ho-hum. But, I have decided to occasionally post about something totally unrelated to the major subjects of this blog — namely, sci-fi/fantasy and action/adventure.

I have been a huge fan of these genres for most of my 40+ years. I remember watching the original Star Trek when I was really small. (HUGE fan! Followed all of the movies and later series, too.) I know I was an avid comic reader/collector by the age of 8 — superheroes, mostly — and have been ever since. (BIG time! Although, I had to sell my sizable collection before moving to Florida, and I don’t collect anything at the moment.) The original Batman series from the ’60s, Six Million Dollar Man, Knight Rider, A-Team, Star Wars, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, James Bond (eventually), monster movies, kung-fu flicks, Battlestar Galactica (all three series), C.S. Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles and the Space Trilogy (well, most of ’em), Rocky, Rambo, The Terminator, Alien(s), The Matrix, Die Hard, X-Files, Lost, 24, etc. I love(d) them all! Well, OK, maybe not ALL, but a LOT! (For example, I never did get into Dr. Who or Blake’s 7 or Power Rangers or TMNT.) Nowadays, my interests range from Harry Potter (books & movies) to Arrow to Almost Human to Jack Reacher (the novels, not the Cruise movie). Whether the format is TV, movies, comics, books, even some cartoons, whatever, I was and am “into it”. (Wait,… I take that back. I never had the time/money/patience to get into computer gaming. Sorry, gamer dudes! No anime/manga, either.)

Yes, I have to confess — no, I profess it proudly — I’m a pop culture geek.

But, other than chatting with the occasional, likeminded friend or acquaintance, I’ve never really had an outlet for some of my ideas and commentary. So,… I decided that I may as well use this blog to share my musings. Those who don’t care can simply ignore these posts, since they won’t replace or (hopefully) interfere with your regularly-scheduled, normally-themed fare. These posts won’t come out very often, since I don’t have the time or money to read & watch as much as I used to; plus, writing about this stuff takes up time when I could be reading/watching!

What do I have in mind? Well,… some possibilities include movie reviews, fan-casting for movies/TV made from other source material or for reboots, comments on upcoming movies, ideas how to improve movies/franchises, original ideas for comics/books/movies, my feeble attempts at writing fiction, etc. No political tie-ins. No theological assessments. No apologetical applications. No examinations of scientific discoveries. No attempts at profundity. Just plain fun! (Not that there won’t be related posts with some of that stuff. I’ve already done that and will again when the mood strikes.) I will even consider guest submissions!

Not sure when the first one will appear, but I have several ideas and some notes already, so I might get one out in a couple weeks or so. (I think I’m gonna need a new blog ‘Category’ for these posts.) I’ll try not to bore you with my geekiness, but…

You have been forewarned!

UPDATE 2/19/2014:  Go here


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